Who are we?

We are a little group of 14, 15 and 16 year old pupils from Germany, which developed a little free Android mobile game.

What is SortingBags?

SortingBags is the game we developed. We worked hard on it, and we want to introduce it to you:

SortingBags is a casual game for everyone in which the suitcases have to be sorted to the correct colored boxes. But hurry up! If you are not fast enough, the laser will cut the bags!
Due to the increasing level of difficulty and the exciting gameplay, SortingBags does not get boring so quickly.
You can also add your score to the online leaderboard and beat the others!

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Game in the Google Play Store (+Screenshots)
English Game Trailer
German Game Trailer

How did you create the game?

We developed our game with the game engine 'Unity' and the programming language C#. For our highscore servers we used PHP, and for our graphics the program 'Krita'.
Almost everything in the game was made by ourselves.

How long did it take you from design, to development, to publish?

Firstly, we had the idea for the game in school. We collected our ideas and wrote them down. We made the graphics and wrote the code for a prototype. The prototype was good and our friends loved it, so we decided to develop it further. The development took about 2 months. It seems like a simple game, but we had a lot of problems that took a long time to solve.

What was the biggest challenge you were faced when making your game?

The biggest challenge was definitely our highscore system!
It was the first time that I programmed in PHP and with a database. I had to plan a system that could not be manipulated. It is a very complex system that can shut itself down when it detects manipulated data.
Especially in the first week we had a lot of hackers trying to hack our system - but they failed ;D

Why should I write an article/review/interview over you?

You would help us a lot!
Unfortunately we don't have enough money for advertising because we have also invested a large part of our pocket money into the game.
We spent over 150 hours making the game perfect. We programmed everything ourselves and also the graphics were made by us. We have our own server and our own database for the highscore system and we coded it for over 30 hours to make it secure. The whole game was an incredibly hard work and a review of you would help us a lot!

If you have any questions, would like further information or would like to conduct an interview,
you can contact us at

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